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About The Scouts Federation - Eng פורסם בתאריך 27/12/2012
About The Scouts Federation 

The Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation is the umbrella organization uniting the five scouting bodies active in Israel:

·         The Hebrew Scouts Movement - 80,000 members

·         The Israel Druze Scouts Association - 5,000 members

·         The Catholic Scout Association - 3,000 members

·         The Israel Muslim Scouts Association - 2,000 members

·         The Christian Orthodox Scout Association - 2,500 members

The federation was established in 1954 as a nonpartisan, apolitical framework, and so is unaffiliated with any political party. Nor is it considered a youth movement framework.

The federation constitution, drafted in 1954, sets forth the federation’s roles and principles, scouting values and the wording of the scouts’ oath, the member organizations, the internal organizational structure, the federation council, and more. In its entirety, the constitution comprises a binding document for all the member bodies. It also proclaims that each organization is autonomous and entitled to conduct its affairs as it deems fit, as long as the conduct does not explicitly or implicitly oppose the principles laid out in the federation constitution.

The federation functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. Thus, the honorary president of the federation is in effect the ministry’s director-general. The federation considers itself entrusted with creating and reinforcing ties among its member organizations and promoting true comradeship and relations of mutual respect. It also places a special emphasis on various coexistence projects in which all the scouting bodies in the federation participate. 

Federation Goals: 

·         Serving as the umbrella organization for all the scouting bodies in Israel.